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Holistic Support for Writers at All Stages

Creating a book is an exciting and multifaceted process. Finding a partner to help you navigate the many stages of drafting, revising, (re)structuring, and objectively evaluating your work represents an investment in moving your creative project from a “passion project” into a viable and impactful literary work.

Articles on “how to write a book” or “how to be a writer” are often simplistic, platitude-dense and discouraging to those who are interested in (and capable of) the deep work that is necessary to develop a powerful and affecting piece of writing. Although there isn’t a formulaic approach to completing a book, there is a proven, process-based approach that relies on a joint investment between writer and editor, the latter of whom can offer holistic criticism, guidance, project management, moral support, and a breadth of literary knowledge and experience that informs and streamlines progress. 

Whether you are an experienced, published writer or a first-time writer who has worked as an expert in another field or discipline, I work to understand your intentions and provide comprehensive feedback and actionable recommendations that elevate your work. Instead of offering clinical advice on “how to write a novel” or “how to write a memoir,” I encourage you to embrace the dynamic process of developing a unique, idiosyncratic work that is representative of what you strive to achieve and communicate. I remain engaged with you through every phase of the project, recognizing the value of having an invested guide who accompanies you through the peaks and valleys of developing your manuscript.


Whether you’d like to comprehensively overhaul your existing manuscript, find an editor to work with you from the early stages of drafting, or prepare for agency submission or self-release, I’m here to help. Below are just some of the services I offer.

Developmental Editing

Selective Ghostwriting

Book Promotion + Production

Stephen Jarrett

Lead developmental editor, Stephen Jarrett, is a Pushcart Prize-nominated prose writer whose work has appeared in Bellevue Literary Review (NYU), Quarterly West, Cimarron Review, New Ohio Review, the University of Arkansas Press, and elsewhere. He holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Alabama, where he was a Graduate Council Thesis Fellow and received a Vaclav Havel Scholarship to attend the Prague Summer Program for Writers. He has taught World Literature, Central European Literature, and International Short Fiction courses at multiple universities and conducted research in Czech Republic and Slovakia.